Skin Tag Removal

As you get older, more than half of the general population will develop some form of skin tags within their lifetime. For many people unwanted skin tags can be a source of embarrassment, or poor self image. Skin tags often look like small little skin colored balls, and can dangle off of your skin. They like to occur in areas that rub, such as the neck, under the arms, groin area, and around the eyes. Skin tags can vary in number from a single tag, to a cluster of dozens. One may have a genetic predisposition, but they can grow in anyone. Other things that may trigger skin tags are weight gain, pregnancy, and diabetes.

Medically speaking, skin tags are completely harmless. However, they often pose a cosmetic concern. They may also become strangulated and painful, as well as infected. If this happens, removal is generally recommended.

Skin tag removal is not something that should be done in your bathroom at home. Many people will try to do it themselves, however having your dermatologist remove them using medically sterile equipment to prevent infection is always a good idea. Removing larger skin tags can be quite painful without numbing. In addition, your dermatologist will have supplies to help stop any bleeding.

If your skin tags become bothersome, we offer several different methods to remove skin tags including:

--Freezing the tag off with liquid nitrogen
--Burning the tag using electric cautery
--Cutting the tag off using medical scissors

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